Professional irrigation systems save time, money and resources. An irrigation system is an investment, but not just a financial one. It’s an investment in your quality of life and in the preservation of our most important of natural resources. 

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We offer Commercial Spring Irrigation Start up Service and Winterization Packages 

Save Money
Our automated sprinkler systems are adjusted to deliver water to your garden and yard at the times of day when it will be most efficiently used. You won’t have to worry about the effects over watering could have on your plants or your wallet. Because we can adjust the flow and duration of watering through the season, you’ll only be using enough water to keep your plants in peak condition, and not a drop more.

Save Water
Our freshwater resources are under more stress every day. You can contribute to water conservation in a huge way with an automated irrigation system. Watering by hand or even with an oscillating sprinkler results in tons of wasted water every day. Reduce your environmental impact by trusting an automated system to use the right volume of water and not a drop more.

Irrigation System Maintenance Packages – we’ve made it easy! Select your preferred package and we will take care of the rest.

Basic Package –  $225.00 (plus taxes)
Spring Opener and Fall Shutdown
Open and ensure your system is up and ready. Notations on any repairs required will be made at this time. Mid- April opening and October closing.

Premium Package – $320.00   (plus taxes)
Spring Opening, Mid Summer Inspection and Fall Closing

Ultra Package – $490.00 ( plus taxes)
Spring Opener and Fall Shutdown PLUS 3 Inspections
(Inspection Dates in June, July , August)

*All Package pricing subject to change; prices are plus applicable taxes.  

Service Summary Details

Spring Opening and Closing Procedures will include the following services:
– opening of the control box ( removing debris, cleaning and replacing battery)
– check and schedule controller settings
– pressurize and check for leaks
– ensure all sprinkler heads are set at appropriate heights and adjust as necessary
– move and or adjust sprinkler heads according to growth of vegetation
– any repairs to broken or damaged items will be noted and can be repaired at an additional cost ( to be approved by owner in advance of work being completed)
– irrigation system will be functional but not turned on ( owner can turn on when required)
– closing will include removal of water from the system, closing of controller system and shut off of water supply

Monthly inspections will ensure optimum performance of your system through the operating season and include:
– sprinkler head adjustments if needed due to vegetation growth
– repair and replacement of parts if recommended ( to be completed if approved by owner)
– adjust controller settings if required for optimum watering timing and due to seasonal weather conditions

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