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Garden Design vs. Garden Rejuvenation: Which Do You Need?

Garden Design vs. Garden Rejuvenation: Which Do You Need?

When considering a garden project, homeowners often face a crucial decision: should they opt for a complete garden design from scratch, or should they rejuvenate their existing garden? This blog post will help you navigate this decision, offering insight into the steps involved in both processes, as well as key considerations to ensure your garden project is a success.

Garden Design

You’ll be looking for a garden design if you have a completely unused area that you would like to have transformed into a new garden.

Creating a garden from scratch involves developing a comprehensive plan that aligns with your vision and lifestyle. Creating a garden in an unused space requires quite a bit more work than redesigning an existing garden bed. From the shape and size to what plants need to be added, this option gives you the most freedom to choose something that works for you.

Steps to Garden Design:

  • Define Your Vision: Determine the purpose of your garden. Do you want a serene retreat, a space for entertaining, or a play area for children?
  • Set a Budget: Research costs and set a realistic budget, considering both design and maintenance expenses.
  • Hire a Professional Designer: A professional can help translate your vision into a functional design. Working with a professional landscaper ensures we understand your local climate and soil conditions and can create a design that works best for your home.
  • Plan and Design: Work with The Gardener Landscaping to create detailed plans, including plant selection, layout, and maintenance.
  • Installation: Once the design is finalized, we’ll bring your vision to life.

Garden Rejuvenation/Redesign

Rejuvenating an existing garden focuses on updating and enhancing the current space. This approach is perfect for homeowners who already have a garden but want to refresh its appearance or improve functionality.

Steps to Garden Rejuvenation:

  • Evaluate Your Current Garden: Assess what works and what doesn’t. Identify areas that need improvement or replacement.
  • Define Your Goals: Decide what you want to achieve with the redesign. Is it about adding new plants, improving layout, or increasing privacy?
  • Consult a Professional: Even for redesign, expert advice can help optimize the existing space. A local landscaper like The Gardener Landscaping will understand what thrives in Ontario’s climate.
  • Create a Plan: Work with your landscaper to develop a redesign plan that aligns with your goals and budget.
  • Implementation: Hire professionals for tasks like pruning, planting, and installing new features.

DO’s and DON’Ts of Garden Planning


  • DO Define Your Needs: Make a list of what you want in your garden—dining area, play space, greenhouse, etc.
  • DO Consider Your Home’s Style: Ensure your garden complements the architectural style of your home.
  • DO Research Materials: Look into low-maintenance and sustainable materials like porcelain and composite decking.
  • DO Involve the Family: Include all family members in the planning process to ensure the garden meets everyone’s needs.
  • DO Plan for Lead Times: Garden projects can take time. Be realistic about timelines, especially during peak seasons.


  • DON’T Design for the Designer: Provide your vision but trust the designer’s expertise to create the best layout.
  • DON’T Ignore Budgeting: Have a clear budget in mind and communicate it to your designer.
  • DON’T Expect Instant Results: Gardens take time to mature—up to 3 years for most perennial plants. Be patient and plan for phased implementation if needed.
  • DON’T Overlook Maintenance: Consider the ongoing care required for different plants and materials.
  • DON’T Be Unrealistic: Avoid comparing your project to TV shows where budgets and timelines are often not reflective of real-life scenarios.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Believe it or not, getting started is the hardest part. Below are some questions we like to ask our clients to help them align with what they need for their homes.

  • What is the primary function of my garden?
  • How much time and effort can I invest in maintaining the garden?
  • What is my budget for this project?
  • Do I want a space for entertaining, relaxing, or both?
  • What styles and materials appeal to me?
  • How much privacy do I need in my garden?
  • Are there specific plants or features I want to include?
  • How do the existing elements in my garden influence the new design?
  • What are the long-term goals for my garden?

Having the answers to these questions before booking your free consultation will ensure the process of bringing a professional on board is seamless.

By following these steps and considerations, you can make an informed decision about whether to design a new garden or rejuvenate your existing space. Both options can transform your outdoor area into a beautiful, functional extension of your home.

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Prepare Your Yard for the Long Weekend: Creating a Stunning Outdoor Retreat

As the long weekend approaches, get ready to spend some time transforming your yard into the perfect space for relaxation and entertaining. Whether you’re planning a barbecue with friends or simply want to enjoy your outdoor space, follow these 10 tips from The Gardener Landscaping to ensure every corner of your yard is ready to shine.

1. Lawn Care:

Proper lawn care can significantly enhance its health and appearance. Start by mowing your lawn to the appropriate height, as cutting too short can stress the grass, especially in hot weather. Edging along sidewalks and garden beds not only improves the aesthetic appeal but also helps maintain a neat and tidy appearance.

Consider aerating your lawn to improve soil structure and promote better air and water circulation. This process enhances nutrient absorption and supports vigorous grass growth, particularly beneficial for areas with compacted soil or heavy foot traffic.

For expert advice and assistance in achieving a lush and beautiful lawn, consult with The Gardener Landscaping about our Lawn Maintenance packages.

2. Flowerbed Enhancements and Garden Installation:

Add colour and visual interest to your yard with vibrant flowerbeds and garden installations, focusing on different heights and blooming times so there is colour in your gardens all year round.

Plan out your garden layout before you get started, considering factors like sunlight exposure and plant compatibility. If you’re installing new garden beds, The Gardener offers expert services to design and install custom landscapes tailored to your preferences.

Choose from a variety of plants, from colourful perennials to fragrant shrubs, ensuring a delightful visual display throughout the summer.

3. Mulch Delivery and Installation:

Mulching is essential for maintaining soil moisture, suppressing weeds, and enhancing the overall aesthetics of your garden beds.

When applying mulch, aim for a depth of 2-4 inches, ensuring it’s spread evenly around plants while avoiding direct contact with stems or tree bases to prevent moisture-related issues.

To ensure optimal results with minimal effort, consider mulch delivery and installation services from The Gardener Landscaping.

4. Annuals Planting:

Add vibrant seasonal colour to your garden with annual plants that thrive in our summer climate. Choose from options like petunias, marigolds, or impatiens, known for their resilience against drought and stunning blooms. These annuals are perfect for borders, containers, or hanging baskets, creating striking focal points that brighten up your outdoor space.

When planting annuals, consider your garden’s sun exposure and colour scheme. Ensure they are planted in well-drained soil enriched with compost for optimal growth.

Throughout the summer, maintain their health by keeping the soil consistently moist, deadheading spent flowers to encourage continuous blooming, and fertilizing periodically with a balanced fertilizer.

5. Pool Cleaning and Maintenance:

Prepare your pool for weekend enjoyment with essential cleaning and maintenance. Start by skimming debris from the pool surface to prevent your filter from clogging and keep your water clear. Vacuum the pool floor regularly to remove dirt and debris that settles over time, keeping the pool clean and hygienic for swimming.

Testing the water chemistry is crucial to maintaining optimal conditions. Use test kits to monitor chlorine and pH levels regularly. Adjust these levels as needed to ensure safe and refreshing swimming experiences while preventing algae growth and maintaining equipment longevity.

For comprehensive pool care and expert advice on maintaining water quality and equipment, trust The Gardener’s professional pool cleaning and maintenance services. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your pool remains a pristine oasis, providing peace of mind and enjoyment all summer long.

6. Maintaining Your Garden Beds:

Effective garden maintenance involves essential tasks like weeding and deadheading flowers to optimize plant health and aesthetic appeal.

Weeding ensures your garden’s primary plants receive ample nutrients and water, reducing competition from unwanted vegetation.

Deadheading, on the other hand, encourages continuous blooming by removing spent flowers, promoting prolonged colour in your garden beds.

For comprehensive yard care and specialized attention, consider The Gardener’s elite garden services.

7. Clean Outdoor Furniture and Décor:

Take some time to clean up and arrange outdoor seating areas, ensuring they’re in good condition. Check for broken furniture and mend any tears in cushions or upholstery to maintain comfort and functionality. Add cushions and throw pillows in weather-resistant fabrics to enhance comfort and style.

Elevate the ambiance with decorative accents like outdoor rugs, lanterns, and strategically placed potted plants. Outdoor rugs define seating areas and add warmth underfoot, while lanterns create soft lighting for evenings outdoors. Potted plants not only beautify your space but also contribute to a serene atmosphere.

8. Grilling and Outdoor Dining Prep:

Get ready to BBQ for friends and family by double-checking your propane levels. Also, clean your grill grates and take some time to clean up any excess grease in the trap or along the bottom of your BBQ.

Stock up on essential grilling tools, marinades, and seasonings to enhance your barbecue creations and ensure you have everything you need for a successful cookout.

9. Safety and Security Check:

Prioritize safety in your yard by inspecting outdoor lighting, pathways, and play areas for potential hazards. Ensure pathways are well-lit and clear of obstacles for safe navigation, especially during evening gatherings. Verify the integrity of fences and gates for security and privacy, enhancing the overall safety and enjoyment of your outdoor space.

10. Enjoyment and Relaxation:

Finally, take a moment to relax and savour your beautifully prepared yard. Whether you’re hosting a barbecue, lounging by the pool, or simply enjoying a quiet evening outdoors, these tips will help you enjoy the long weekend.

Ready to transform your yard for the long weekend? Contact The Gardener Landscaping today to schedule a consultation and discover how our expert services can enhance your outdoor space. From garden installations to pool care and more, we’re here to make your yard the envy of the neighbourhood.


6 Tips for Effectively Managing Weeds in Your Yard

Are weeds taking over your garden? Here are six proven methods to keep your garden weed-free and looking its best.

1. Avoid disturbing Weeds

By keeping weed seeds buried and undisturbed, you prevent them from receiving the light they need to germinate. This reduces the number of weeds that sprout and makes your garden maintenance much easier.

  • Minimize Soil Disturbance: Only dig or cultivate when absolutely necessary.
  • Cover Exposed Soil: Immediately cover disturbed soil with mulch or plants to prevent weed seeds from germinating.
  • Use Tools Wisely: In lawns, use a sharp knife with a narrow blade to slice through the roots of weeds rather than digging them out.
  • Regular Maintenance: Periodically inspect garden beds and lawns for any signs of emerging weeds to address them early.

2. The more mulch, the better

Mulching is an effective way to smother weeds and prevent them from germinating. It also helps retain soil moisture and improve soil health, benefiting your plants.

  • Choose the Right Mulch: Opt for wood chips, bark nuggets, straw, or pine needles based on your garden’s needs.
  • Maintain Mulch Depth: Keep mulch at a consistent depth of about 2 inches to block light from reaching weed seeds.
  • Layering Technique: For additional weed suppression, place a layer of cardboard, newspaper, or biodegradable fabric under the mulch.
  • Check for Weeds: Monitor mulched areas for any signs of weeds growing through and address them promptly.

3. Monday, weeding. Tuesday, weeding. Wednesday…

Weeding under optimal conditions makes the task more efficient and less strenuous. Regular maintenance prevents weeds from establishing and spreading.

  • Weed After Rain: The best time to pull weeds is after a rain when the soil is moist and roots come out easily.
  • Proper Tools: Equip yourself with gloves, a sitting pad, and tools like a table fork for small weeds and a fishtail weeder for larger ones.
  • Dry Conditions: Use a sharp hoe or knife to slice off weeds just below the soil line when the soil is dry.
  • Schedule Regular Sessions: Commit to a consistent weeding schedule, tackling small sections at a time.

4. Off with their heads!

By cutting off the tops of weeds before they can produce seeds, you reduce their ability to spread. This method also weakens perennial weeds over time, limiting their growth.

  • Prevent Seed Spread: Cutting off the heads of annual weeds prevents them from seeding.
  • Weaken Perennials: Repeatedly cutting back the tops of perennial weeds forces them to use up their food reserves.
  • Proper Tools: Use pruning loppers or a string trimmer with a blade attachment for large or tough weeds.
  • Safety First: Wear protective gear when using tools to chop down weeds.

5. Ground cover is your friend

Tightly spaced plants create a dense canopy that shades the soil, making it difficult for weeds to establish. This not only reduces weeding but also enhances the visual appeal of your garden.

  • Close Spacing: Plant closely to shade the soil and prevent weed growth.
  • Mass Plantings: Design your garden with mass plantings or drifts of plants to eliminate gaps.
  • Proper Spacing: Follow spacing guidelines for plants prone to diseases, but consider planting closer for other types.
  • Ground Covers: Use ground covers to fill in spaces between larger plants and further suppress weeds.

6. Call in the professionals

Professional landscaping services provide expert knowledge and consistent care, ensuring your garden remains healthy and weed-free. This allows you to enjoy a pristine garden without the effort.

  • The Gardener Landscaping: Hire The Gardener Landscaping for expert weed control and garden maintenance.
  • Comprehensive Services: Their team provides mulching, planting, and regular maintenance to keep your garden weed-free.
  • Tailored Solutions: Professional services can be tailored to your garden’s specific needs, ensuring optimal care.
  • Enjoy Your Garden: With professionals handling weed control, you can spend more time enjoying your beautiful, well-maintained garden.

By using these strategies, you can enjoy a well-groomed garden and spend less time battling weeds. For a garden that truly thrives, contact The Gardener Landscaping and let the experts take care of it for you.


The Gardener Landscaping 2024 Team

A Fresh Season, A Fresh Start

In our dedication to bringing your dream gardens to life, we are thrilled to announce the expansion of our leadership team with two key additions:

  • A new Horticulture Manager on board to assist in leading our horticulture division
  • A new Care Manager to work 1:1 with our clients so they’re involved in the process every step of the way.

These changes come at a perfect time as we gear up for the busy season ahead.

Meet the 2024 team

With our new team members in place, we thought it was the perfect time to re-introduce our management team. This month on the blog, we’re covering each of the managers you’ll be interacting with in 2024 and sharing their top tips, favourite plants and more.

Q. What is your name and title, and what do you do at The Gardener Landscaping?

Hi, I’m Jim Edmonds, and I am the president here at The Gardener Landscaping. My wife Fiona and I have enjoyed growing this company for the past 20 years, and we are thrilled to be celebrating our 20th anniversary on March 26th, 2024

What is your top tip for homeowners to take care of their yard?

My biggest tip would be to get a good start on the season, as things can get away from you quickly. In the Spring everything begins its new growing journey including the unwanted varieties of plants (aka weeds) so it’s so important to get into the gardens early to prep them by edging your beds, weeding, adding nutrient-rich soil or enriched mulch into your garden beds to help replenish the tired soil that will allow you to get the best results for all of your plants. Your lawn also needs a kick start after being dormant all winter and getting pounded by the winter snow and winds; it needs a good raking, aerating, overseeding and fertilizing.

What’s your favourite flower/shrub to install/why?

It’s so hard to pick just one, but I’ll go with the Hydrangea. These plants are amazing and versatile as they can be cut and put into a vase to brighten someone’s day, planted in your front or back gardens and are also great for winter planters to give texture and beauty. Whether you like the classic white blooms or the impressive colours, hydrangeas rarely disappoint! They prefer partial sun with full sun in the morning and full shade in the afternoon but they are very resilient even when not in the ideal setting.

Q. What is your name and title, and what do you do at The Gardener Landscaping?

Hi, I’m Fiona Edmonds, serving as the Vice President at The Gardener Landscaping. Over the past two decades, my husband Jim & I have nurtured this business from its inception, embodying the values of dedication, perseverance and commitment to excellence. Our journey has not only enriched our professional lives but has also served as an example for our family, demonstrating the importance of having a dream, hard work, and sacrifice in achieving one’s goals.

What is your top tip for homeowners to take care of their yard?

Effective yard/garden maintenance starts with careful planning. Consider the ‘Sleep, Creep, Leap’ phases of adding new plants and plant accordingly. What may look small when planting can leap in the 3rd season.  Avoid overcrowding by giving each plant enough space to thrive. By planning ahead and planning thoughtfully, you’ll create a beautiful and sustainable outdoor space for years to come. Also, fertilizing your garden annually will encourage healthy growth.

What’s your favourite flower/shrub to install/why?

Since Jim mentioned Hydrangeas, one of my faves, I also love Lilacs. The sweet scent in the spring signifies that spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Many new varieties rebloom in midsummer and are more compact, perfect for smaller gardens. Lilacs love full sun and also attract butterflies as an added bonus.

Q. What is your name and title, and what do you do at The Gardener Landscaping?

Jesse Baadsvik, Operations Manager overseeing the day-to-day activities, logistics, and resources to ensure smooth functioning and efficiency in our company. As well as customer relations, sales, quality control and more.

What is your top tip for homeowners to take care of their yard?

Remember, talking to your plants isn’t crazy; it’s just horticultural therapy! So, go ahead, share your deepest secrets with your petunias—they won’t judge, and who knows, they might even grow better!

What’s your favourite flower/shrub to install/why?

Coralbells are easy to grow and bring gorgeous colour to your garden with their foliage. Though these perennial outdoor plants thrive in full sun to shade, lime green varieties benefit from being planted in the shade. Another great reason to grow coralbells is that pollinators love the tiny flowers.

Q. What is your name and title, and what do you do at The Gardener Landscaping?

My name is Lynn Anderson, and I am the new Horticultural Manager.

I will be managing the garden crews, garden installs, quotes for new and revamp gardens, client interaction and training garden staff.

What is your top tip for homeowners to take care of their yard?

My top tip for homeowners would be to get on a regular fertilizing schedule both for gardens and lawns.

What’s your favourite flower/shrub to install/why?

My favorite shrub to install is a Butterfly Bush, I love it’s long bloom period and that the butterflies swarm to it.

Q. What is your name and title, and what do you do at The Gardener Landscaping?

My name is Greg Francis, I am the Client Care Manager and Residential Accounts Manager for the Burlington, Dundas, Ancaster, Hamilton and Grimsby/Stoney Creek areas.

I am in charge of client care for all residential accounts in these areas and will be taking a hands-on approach with the crews that visit these homes.

What is your top tip for homeowners to take care of their yard?

The key to a nice yard is to prepare your yard in the spring for the growing season ahead. When it arrives, to embrace the variety of garden life and the fast development of nature during the peak season. Minor maintenance on a weekly basis is all that stands between You and a lovely backyard oasis.

What’s your favourite flower/shrub to install/why?

My favourite plant to install is anything that grows out of a tuber, bulb or shoot. These plants can be dug up in the fall, stored and then planted in the Spring time anywhere you like in the garden for a nice change year after year. They also multiply which can help your garden become more full every season.

Q. What is your name and title, and what do you do at The Gardener Landscaping?

Andrew Polesel, Operations Supervisor: Maintaining the Fleet and Yard to make sure everything runs smoothly, including Commercial customer care.

What is your top tip for homeowners to take care of their yard?

My top tip for homeowners would be mulching, it’s the unsung hero of yard care! it conserves moisture and suppresses weeds as well as regulates soil temperatures and improves soil health, it also adds a touch of charm to your outdoor oasis. embrace the mulch!

What’s your favourite flower/shrub to install/why?

My favorite Annual to plant is Geraniums because they can withstand a variety of extreme temperatures and still thrive.

As we celebrate 20 years at The Gardener Landscaping, we’re looking forward to the spring season and the continuing growth of our team.

With the strategic expansion of our Leadership Team, including the invaluable additions of our new Horticulture Manager and Client Care Manager, we are setting new standards in personalized and expert Lawn and Garden care.

As we move forward into 2024, our team is not just about maintaining your lawn and gardens but about nurturing relationships and fostering growth in every sense. We’re here to ensure that your lawn and garden are not just an outside space but an extension of your home.

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Spring Cleaning: A Comprehensive Guide to Revitalizing Your Yard

As the frost of winter melts away, revealing the dormant beauty of Ontario’s landscapes, the promise of spring invites a fresh start in our gardens and yards. At The Gardener Landscaping, we understand the excitement and potential that comes with the arrival of spring. Early preparation is key to ensuring your outdoor space flourishes throughout the season.

Assessing Your Yard

Conducting a Post-Winter Evaluation

Ontario’s winter can be rough on your outdoor space. Begin with a thorough walk-through to assess any damage to plants, lawn, and hardscape features once it warms up a bit. Look for signs of plant disease, winter burn on evergreens, and damage from snow and ice on structures.

Soil Health Check

After the thaw, testing your soil is crucial. The soil in Burlington and surrounding areas can vary greatly, and understanding its condition is the first step toward a thriving garden. We recommend soil testing for pH levels and nutrient content, which can guide your amendments to ensure a fertile ground for planting.

Planning Your Spring Landscape

Setting Goals

What do you envision for your yard this spring? Whether it’s enhancing your curb appeal with stunning flower beds or creating a vegetable garden, setting clear, achievable goals is essential.

Design Considerations

In our area, choosing plant varieties adapted to our climate zone (Zone 6a) ensures resilience and growth. Plan for a mix of early, mid, and late-spring blooms to enjoy a season full of colour and life.

Spring Cleaning and Preparation

We’ve already been out in yards and gardens, starting our spring clean-ups and pruning while trees and bushes are dormant. Here are steps you can take to clean up your outdoor space if you aren’t having us take care of it this year:

Clearing Debris and Weeds

Remove any fallen branches, leaves, and other debris accumulated over winter. Early weed removal can prevent them from taking over your garden beds.

Pruning and Trimming

Pruning in early spring promotes healthy growth. Trim dead and damaged branches from shrubs and trees, focusing on plants that bloom on new wood.

Aeration and Dethatching

Revitalize your lawn by aerating and dethatching, allowing air and water to reach the roots more effectively. This is especially important in compacted soil areas common in Burlington.

Seeding and Fertilizing

Choose a grass seed suited for Burlington’s climate. Early spring is the perfect time for overseeding and fertilizing, setting the stage for lush, green turf.

Irrigation and Water Management

System Maintenance

Check your irrigation system for any winter damage. Efficient watering practices are key in our region, where water conservation is essential.

Efficient Watering Practices

Implementing drip irrigation and soaker hoses can significantly reduce water waste while ensuring your plants receive the moisture they need.

Mulching and Bed Maintenance

Benefits of Mulching

Mulch not only conserves moisture and controls weeds but also adds an aesthetic finish to your garden beds. Choose organic mulch to enrich your soil as it decomposes.

Applying Mulch

A layer of mulch around plants and trees will help regulate soil temperature and retain moisture during Burlington’s variable spring weather.

Pest and Disease Management

Early Detection

Keep an eye out for common pests and diseases that could threaten your early spring growth. Early detection is crucial for effective management.

Prevention and Treatment

We advocate for environmentally friendly solutions to protect your yard from pests and diseases, focusing on prevention and organic treatments.

Spring in Burlington, Ontario, offers a unique opportunity to bring new life to your yard. At The Gardener Landscaping, we’re passionate about helping you prepare and execute your vision for a beautiful, healthy outdoor space. With a bit of planning and early preparation, your yard can become a thriving oasis for the season ahead.

Ready to get started on your spring landscaping project? Contact The Gardener Landscaping today for professional advice, services, or a consultation. Let’s bring your landscaping goals to fruition this spring!